It takes a $30 gift for one year to scholarship a girl.

College Scholarships


College Bound is a project endeavoring to send 10 young women to college. These young women will all be selected from areas of hostility, persecution and/or poverty. The ability of these women to go to college apart from our help is nearly non-existant. We have the opportunity to send them!

Some of them will face great risk to go. Some will cross borders that hinder them: some cultural, some economic and some simply gender. Some will travel in the cloak of darkness and travel at night to cross even national borders to make their way to the college campus where they will stay until the completion of their degree two years later.


Every Dollar Helps

Leaving family and friends, learning a new language (english) and being immersed in a different culture will not be easy. But at the end of the journey they will return home, ready to be an agent of change in their own land. It's risky. Its making a ripple that will effect generations to come.

Every dollar helps! Make a donation and change the life of not only a young woman but everyone her life touches in the years to follow!