Reaching the Lost

We are here to reach the world and change lives through the love of Jesus.

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Shelley's Passion

Ever since I can remember, I’ve pressed against the borders that confined me.  I had every excuse why I could say, “I could never do that.”  I was an average student with no extraordinary talents or gifting.  I had no money and no stable home life or support system.  And yet, I dreamt of doing something extraordinary with my life.  My dreams collided with the reality of my lack and it caused me to press the boundary lines even more.

Do Something Big

I don’t know what your borders are: unqualified, wrong gender, lack of money & resources, no reputation, uneducated, family limitations, too young or too old. Regardless of the limitations…I’m calling you out of your boundaries. I’m asking you to believe in the dreams, desires, and passions that God has placed within your heart. I’m calling out the adventurous one inside of you. It’s time to do something so BIG and BEAUTIFUL that you can’t do it in your own strength and skill!

Take my hand. Let me lead you beyond your borders.  I’ll guide you on the adventure of a lifetime. To a life-changing place where you become Gods hands extended in mercy.  We all have excuses why WE CAN’T.  I simply choose to believe that WE CAN!

Listening to the Call

We believe in spreading the Gospel of Jesus around the world because of the eternal hope it gives to those who believe. People that receive that message of hope become transformed and they live a life that has a higher purpose.

This applies to those in a desperate situation on the other side of the world and it applies to those who live in the comforts of American communities. Beyond My Borders believes that connecting these 2 worlds provides a way for the Gospel to come to life to those who are impacted by the ministry.

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