For only $1,000 we can change the course of an entire village!

Water Well Projects

Water Well Goals

Our goal for 2017 is to drill 3 wells in Central India. Each of these wells will give an entire village fresh, uncontaminated water for years to come. The targeted villages are Yera Bora, Yellana Nagar and Mukumamidi. The Yellana Nagar well is funded and will be drilled in April.

We are working to dig water wells in extremely remote area of central India where water is scarce. Girls are walking 3-5 kilometers to get to contaminated water sources. The top 5 diseases that plaque India are water borne therefor if we give a village fresh water we are extending their lives as well as freeing the girls to be able to be educated.

Here's How to Do it

*Collect your loose change in a water bottle for a month and then donate what you have collected.

*Ask your extended family if each family unit would give $100 and collect the $1000 to drill a in your families name.

*Hold a block party/garage sale and collect the $1,000 from your neighbors to drill a well in the name of your street.

*Put in a MEMORIAL WELL in honor of a loved one who has passed away.  In this way their life continues to touch the lives of others for generations to come!

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