Here’s how you can get involved.

Can’t make it on a trip? Be a part of one of our local fundraising events. We have so many to choose from!

Volunteer Event

Have extra clothing items or just want to donate goods? We have a ton of items you can provide.


Bring clean water to an entire village. With your contribution we can change lives and support local workers.

Give Water

Bikes for Pastors is an incredible initial that allows or overseas leaders ways to travel to villages to spread the Gospel.

Give a Bike

You loose change can save the world. See how by saving a little can make a huge impact to those in need.

Loose Change

Help a child! We have 2 homes that can you can partner with. Change a life today!

Help a Child

Your gift will bring much needed medical supplies, a large food parcel, and blankets to the lepers and widows in Hyderabad, India.


Our college ministry helps  young women in area areas of hostility, persecution and/or poverty get an education.

Give a Scholarship

Our gardens will not only feed the children but will nutritionally sustain them with fresh and nutritional foods.

Give a Garden

Have a Question?

Reach out to us and let’s partner together!

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